Full Service

blueplatecatering_croppedphotography4There’s no more effortless way to host an event than with full service catering! From setting up the tables and chairs, placing the silverware, and preparing the food, all the way to the end when everything must be cleaned up, full service catering takes care of every aspect of the dining experience so you can focus on entertaining your guests. Whether you’re hosting a more sophisticated event or a casual get together, we can provide the waitstaff, dinnerware, linens, and more – all with the setup and breakdown service you need to start and end on time.

Plated Dinners

blueplatecatering_croppedphotography5Hosting a more formal event? A plated dinner is the perfect catering option for you! Allow your guests to choose their meal from a series of options and Blue Plate Catering will take care of the rest! Our licensed waitstaff will bring out their plated dinners just as you’d expect in a white tablecloth restaurant, beginning with appetizers and ending with a decadent dessert. Give your guests a dining experience that will have them raving about your event for years to come with a truly savory meal from Blue Plate Catering.

Onsite Cooking

blueplatecatering_croppedphotography4If you’re looking to impress, there’s no better way than with Blue Plate Catering’s onsite cooking! Let the scents of freshly seared steak, roasted vegetables, and delectable desserts entice your guests and stimulate their appetites. With onsite cooking, our experienced chefs can prepare delicious food at your location, all with the benefit of a catering service to make sure all you and your guests have to worry about is eating! Whether it’s a company party or a fundraising event, we’ll make sure everyone leaves happy!

Dinnerware & Linens

blueplatecatering_croppedphotography5At Blue Plate Catering, we want to make our clients’ life simpler! We are more than just a food catering service, we seek to provide the ultimate dining experience. Catering a menu is one thing, but unless it’s all finger-food, how will your guests enjoy the delectable meal you’ve provided? We are able to accommodate our client’s requests and even provide dinnerware & linens for any event, big or small! Choose from our wide selection of dinnerware and linen to fit any occasion, whether it’s casual or upscale!

Tables & Chairs

blueplatecatering_croppedphotography4No need to rent tables and chairs from another vendor! It’s our mission at Blue Plate Catering to provide full service catering to all of our clients. We have a wide selection of chairs and tables to choose from that will fit any celebration, meeting, or other occasion. Once the event is over, you won’t have to worry about breaking down – we will do all of that for you! Hosting an event has never been easier or more convenient than with Blue Plate Catering!

Licensed Servers

blueplatecatering_croppedphotography5Our licensed servers are here to help with all your catering needs! Whether you are hosting a big conference, wedding, or small event, Blue Plates Catering servers can do it all! No need to worry about permits and proper licensing for alcohol or food safety. Our professionally trained servers will attentively cater to your guests and make sure their glasses are always full, their plates are always cleared, and their experience at your event is highlighted by great service!


blueplatecatering_croppedphotography4Blue Plate Catering strives to provide high quality and accessible catering for anyone looking to host an event. Our drop-off catering service allows you and your guests to enjoy our well prepared menu items with the convenience of delivery straight to your location! Simply decide the menu you’d like your guests to enjoy and that’s it! You bring the guests and we’ll bring the food. Planning an event has never been easier or more delicious than with Blue Plate Catering!


blueplatecatering_croppedphotography5If your event doesn’t call for a waitstaff, our drop, set, and pick-up catering may be the ideal way to host your event! Once the menu items have been selected, we’ll prepare them at our kitchen and then bring them to fresh to your location. Typical with buffet-style dining, we’ll set up the meals so you and your guests can quickly get to enjoying the food! We’ll come by once everyone’s full and the party has ended to pick up what remains!

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