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Winter Wedding Tastings

You all have heard of the "off season" right? That period after the crazy Holiday Season and right before tax returns and summer?

Essentially, we also know it as cuddle season - the time where no one wants to leave their home because it's too cold and it sounds MUCH better to stay inside, snuggled up under blankets with a loved one (significant other, pet, self...we don't judge!) with maybe a movie and hot chocolate? Yes! That "season".

While it is a very enjoyable season, it is also a time of new beginnings, goals, and a chance to get ahead of schedule. If you are a spring or summer bride/groom to be, this is a time where you start getting busy!

Congratulations! You are engaged and maybe have been for a few months. You've started gathering ideas - maybe wedding colors, maid of honors/groomsmen, guest lists, and hopefully what food you hope to be enjoying on your big day! That is what we are here for. There are lots of different wedding timelines and of course, every wedding is different. Some can take years to plan and others only a few months. Whatever your style, these winter months are a perfect opportunity to start thinking about polishing those ideas out. A great way to start is to schedule a Tasting.

So here is our offer:

Call us or fill in a quote request via our website (located on either the Home or Contact Us page). We will go ahead and get you started with a preliminary menu proposal that you can adjust to your liking. Once you have agreed upon a general menu, we go ahead and set up a time for you to come in and taste your menu! And here's the kicker - right now, our potential Bride/Groom's Tasting cost goes right back into your wedding if you decide to book with us that day! We of course never turn away guests. If you would like your parents or wedding party to join as well, let us know. Though, keep in mind it is only the bride/groom's fee that gets re-applied to the event balance. Here are the details:

But...Why should you schedule your tasting in these winter months? Caterers have busy times of the year as well. The Holidays are crazy busy with work, family, and friend holiday parties and generally the spring and summer are graduation and wedding season. Between January and February, caterers have more open availability to sit down and discuss your options one on one. For example, generally we have a set time for Tuesdays - Thursdays from 10am - 4pm for our tastings. This is mainly due to the fact that weekends are our busiest event dates and we personally like to be at as many as possible to ensure the quality of our services. In the winter, there are less events going on and the possibility of swinging a weekend tasting is more probable than before for you busy bodies.

Not to mention, these months are about 4-6 months out of your wedding day. Maybe you have already contacted us and have received your menu proposal. We are already finalizing your dream menu but why keep it as a dream? By scheduling a tasting, you are ensuring that your menu fits your every desire - from a general idea given on paper to a real life meal you can be sure you and your guests will enjoy.

Tastings are in office allowing you time to ask any questions and make any alternations. Say, you think maybe your meal is too spicy. You have the opportunity to know and let us know so we can make appropriate adjustments. Maybe you want to see your rental options - we can pull out what we have on hand or pull up a few options from local rental vendors we work with. After your tasting, we will sit down and walk you through all of these options, your proposal, potentially book your date if we haven't already and make sure you leave feeling confident in having another part of your wedding complete!

So, really the question is why not? An opportunity to discuss your options fully? A grand meal to eat and enjoy with your significant other or wedding party? Yes please! Don't hesitate now. Fill out a quote form or call us today to get started. We would LOVE to have you join us for a bite.

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