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Why You Should Have Your Holiday Parties Catered

The Holiday Season is officially upon us! Can you believe it? We are having a hard time believing it is well...Each year seems to pass by faster and faster. We ring in the new year, summer comes and goes and before we know it we are out with everyone else, experiencing the hustle and bustle of the Holidays.

When you think of the holiday's you may think of a family member's house filled with aunts, uncles, cousins and just family galore - eating, laughing, catching up and maybe even a little bit of drinking. For some of us, that may mean getting out of town. For others that may mean food prep, organizing out of town guest's arrivals and stays, and family filling the home. No matter the situation, everyone is acquainted with the undeniable truth- yes, the holidays may be merry but they can also be a bit overwhelming and maybe even stressful. There are a few family members that volunteer to bring food, there are those that don't. There are also those that take pride in hosting the entire event - food prep and all! To those we give thanks and the utmost props. You are truly family heroes.

So, most people might think...why break the tradition? Why stray away from home-cooked meals by getting your event catered? We are here to tell you that catering your event does not have to take away the tradition. We like to think of ourselves as the volunteer family member that pitches in here and there. Choosing a caterer for your holiday event doesn't mean you take away the home-cooked meals. It only means you get to maybe save yourself some stress and have a little help with a few sides or maybe dessert. Which if we are being honest, not everyone can say they bake their own pies. We know a few of you might make that Costco or Smith's pie run...don't deny it ;)

The greater news? Catering with us, Blue Plate Catering, means you still get a family-cooked meal. Blue Plate Catering is owned by Sadie's of New Mexico, a local family owned business right in the heart of Albuquerque. We work outside of the original location, fully equipped with the Sadie's Family working day-in and day-out. Trust us, we know family! From traditional menu items to the delectable specialties we are known for, we have the means to add that extra flare to your family holiday party! Even better, depending on the service you choose-your family doesn't even need to know it was us!

Though, it doesn't have to be your family event catered. What about the office parties? Yeah, you could ask your team members to volunteer potluck style but what better way to treat your hard working employees than a delightful holiday meal? We can even offer the whole treatment by serving you too!

Or how about your holiday get-together with friends? Trust me, your employees and friends are not going to judge you for staying out of the kitchen and using us instead. They'll be too busy gobbling down their meal and sharing their stories of their family parties to come!

From quick holiday set up and clean up, full buffets, to plated dinners, Blue Plate Catering has your back this season. No need to over stress. Let us help you enjoy the holidays and book us today! We have designed a few holiday menu packages to suit everyone's needs. If you are looking for something more custom, we are happy to work with you to find your perfect holiday party menu! See our specialty holiday menus below and ask us for a quote today (located on our Home and Contact Us page)!

*These photos are part of a stylized photo shoot done with local vendors for the holiday season. Interested? See them below:


Photography Kezziah- Just Smile Photography IG: @info.justsmilephotography

Florals Callie- New Mexico Flower Company IG: @nmflowerco

Catering - Blue Plate Catering IG: @blueplatenm

Pies Sara - Emerald Pie Bar IG: @emeraldpiebar

Table/Benches Lauren- Darling Details IG: @darlingdetailsrentals

S’mores Heather and Sarah- The S'more Pit IG: @thesmorepit

Tableware/Styling Susie- Dirty Dishes IG: @_dirtydishes

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