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Valentine's Day - Con Amore

Ah, Valentine's Day! The day of love. The day that has been plastering advertisements and decorations two days after Christmas. Yupp! That's the one. To start off how about a fun game of typical conceptions of Valentine's Day? When I think of Valentine's Day I think of...

1. Pink 6. Wine

2. Red 7. Champagne

3. Roses 8. Music

4. Chocolates 9. Candy

5. Fancy Dinners 10. Romantic Movies

Traditional Practices of Valentine's Day...

1. Dinner Plans 6. Family Gathering

2. Theater Movie 7. Fun-Romantic Scavenger Hunts

3. Home Cooked Dinners 8. Brunch

4. Girls Night Out 9. Dessert

5. Take-Out 10. School Valentine's Exchange

Now, I haven't participated in all of these. They are just some of the ones I've heard of the most. Of course there's probably a 100+ more. To me, the holiday ultimately is an excuse to show an extra amount of love to those close to you - whether that be a SO, friend, or family! It's also another excuse to eat another really great meal in the winter season. When you think about it, November - February is just month after month of incredible holiday meals. YUM!!

Now that I have you here and have you thinking of delicious meals....Let me tell you about OUR Holiday meal! Sadie's of New Mexico and us are partnering to bring the community a lovely dining experience for a reasonable price and an AMAZING menu. How amazing? This amazing -

The dinner includes:

  • Choice of Starter

  • Choice of Entree

  • Sides

  • Specialty Chef's Choice Dessert

  • Glass of Champagne

All of the above are priced at a package deal of $75/couple. So yes, you get all the above x2 for your date...for $75! Such a steal and so much yumminess to enjoy. You have the option of coming in to dine and ordering off the specialty menu or you may call ahead at 505-345-5339 to make a reservation. Reservation times are excluded to groups of 2-4 in our banquet area (will be cute and decorated with music too) at 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30. Now, that being said, you are of course able to call and make a reservation on 4+ and order off the holiday menu if you plan on coming with gal pals, friends, family or whoever you may want to join you and split the package price. Reservations for two are also available this day for our Sadie's Fourth St. location - holiday menu or not!

There will also be special "off menu" appetizers and drinks you can choose from if you so desired. Though, trust me....you're gonna want to try one or two. We've been messing around with recipes and the finalists are SO yummy! So come! Join us! Call 505-3445-5339 to make your reservation today.

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