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Every catering company has their specialties. While that can be their food, it can also be their services. This month, we would like to help walk you through our services - break them down one by one so you know what to expect and what may fit you and your unique setting best. Today, we are featuring a catering basic and something that finds its way in and out of the wedding trends.

Staffed Buffets


Our staff will come to your venue, deliver all food and set up your buffet tables for you. They stay for your allotted dine time to serve all guests and do all cleaning and pack up of our area.


1. Our staff is specifically trained to know the best, optimal set up to encourage your guests to receive their food in a quick and efficient way. There is no worry of having your guests double back around for missed utensils, or juggling three different plates. We know the tips and tricks to make it as efficient as possible.

2. Gives your guests an opportunity to mingle. While waiting in line, your guests have the chance to catch up to friends and family they may not have seen in awhile. Most newlyweds choose to have their meals delivered to their table right away but if you so choose to join the line among your guests, you too have a chance to chat with a few friends and family members you haven't gotten a chance to see.

3. Choices, Choices, Choices! While there might be a few different options to choose from, buffets allow you to stress less about what every individual guest may or may not want. Present your guests with our suggested options and they can choose to load their plate with what they want and avoid what they don't. Customizable for you and them!


If you so choose, we will decorate our tables in order to fit your theme!

China and disposable dinnerware are available for this service.

Family Style

Entails: Our staff comes equipped with all food beautifully plattered. As the meal begins, they will bring out these platters to the tables. Your guests enjoy this intimate setting, mingling, and choosing their own food interests to load their plates. All tending to, clean up, and pack up is for us as well.


Ever dreamed of hosting a grand feast? You know, the ones that you may see in grand halls with the king and queen heading the event? Or maybe the holidays are some of your favorite times because of the opportunity to gather around the table Maybe this style is for you.

1. Your guests have the opportunity to sit and enjoy a wonderful meal among each other, without interruption.

2. Large proportions for everyone to enjoy and pass along.

3. No need to have guests get up, we bring it all out for them, directly to each table. Placed out evenly at each table, these platters are beautifully presented and intended to be passed and shared among each other.

4. While we might not serve the food plate by plate, our servers are always around, ready to refill glasses, food, and tend to other needs your guests may have throughout the meal.

Did you find that one of these styles fits your wedding vision best? Interested to see how it fits along your menu? Let us know you are interested in one of the above and fill out our form to get a quote today! We would love to help you along our catering process to find the perfect menu and service combination for your special day. \


China and disposable plateware available for this service.

Artistic place settings can be designed by recommendation with your Coordinator.

Decorating packages are available by request for your tables and settings.

These of course are not our only services, this post is designed to highlight these specific styles in detail so you have a better idea of what to expect. Any questions you may have on these styles can be directed via phone contact, comment, or through our contact form. For a longer list of our services, we recommend looking over our Services Page!

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