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New Year! New Us?

That's the idea right? The New Year is supposed to symbolize a fresh start - an entire new year to quit bad habits, make improvements, and push yourself to be a positive, new improved self. Yes, we've also heard that you should be thinking of that year round and while it's true, we can't deny the fact that the new year gives a larger excuse and push to do so.

So, while you were busy making your resolutions, so were we! Yes, the same new year incentive goes for businesses too. Here are a few of our New Year Resolutions:

1. To post more to our Blog!

I actually used to run a book blog in high school and I LOVED it. It allowed me to connect with people who enjoyed the same things I do, create friendships beyond my usual, stick to a routine, provide an outlet for myself and others to enjoy, and honestly, grow into the person I am. I figured that getting back to this routine might allow me to find a similar experience...many years later and in a community I now interact with daily!

From tips, information on our business, promotions, holidays, friendor connections and collaborations and more we hope to bring something new to the New Mexican Catering community for all to enjoy!

2. Create a bigger community on social media.

Social media is all the rave these days right? Teens have it. College kids have it. Even our moms and grandparents have it! It is a place we can go to to share our experiences, advice, tips/tricks, interact with different communities, and more. This is something we would love to do more. New Mexico is a very unique, diverse state that we would love to help promote more often. We want to reach locals and encourage those outside our state to come and visit! Southwestern destination weddings and events? Yes please!

For starters...we will be featuring "Wedding Wednesdays" every Wednesday on our Instagram and Facebook stories. Each post highlights only weddings - trends, catering aspects, vendor aspects....literally anything and everything weddings. So, look out and put your votes in! On Fridays we will also be highlighting Foody Fridays! Here we will talk about food trends, food recipes, food tips, our food...yeah, that's right...anything and everything food! Yummmm!!!!

3. Improve from last year.

This includes improving our staff, our coordination, menus, affiliation, community connections, and more. We are bringing new ideas and aspects to the table. Mainly, we are trying to highlight community - what it means to be a caterer in New Mexico. Remember me talking about trying to bring more inspiration for destination weddings and events to NM? We are going to try! Our idea is that locals are proud of where they come from. We are proud to eat some of the hottest food on earth. We are proud of our traditional recipes and family aspects.

4. New Menus

Our Catering Director and Chef have been working together to bring more authentic and exciting menu items to you this year. Being owned by Sadie's of New Mexico - a family business that knows New Mexican recipes and traditions - we have been working closely to bring more of those traditional recipes those born and raised within New Mexico can appreciate and those traveling here will love. This does of course mean changes to old Blue Plate Recipes. You might find that some recipes we no longer carry but hope that you will find these new menus to still fit your needs and being something your taste buds can celebrate! We hope to be showcasing these new menus and packages soon so stay tuned!!

This is the main "new" we are trying to bring to the business this year....emphasis on the New Mexican tradition. This is our focus and we hope to translate it well. So, when I said a few of them I really meant a few. This is a start of what you can hope to see coming from us soon. In fact, we would encourage you to share some of your New Years Resolutions and maybe add your email below - subscribe to see these resolutions of ours come to life!

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