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Hi there again,

We are here to bring another update on how we are moving forward with wedding planning for the rest of the year and weddings upcoming in 2021.

Things are still uncertain and adjusting constantly. With new updates on states having to backtrack with their opening and enforcing even stricter regulations, we have had to re-evaluate our business and its capabilities currently. At this point, we unfortunately cannot guarantee any service. We don't know what is going to be allowed and when. We also do not know if we are going to see a regression.


Moving forward, we are only proposing the food for all weddings. Services will be evaluated about 1-2 months out from the wedding date. This helps us ensure what is actually allowed at that point and be readily prepared for the situation. Weddings are still only required a 10% deposit - a deposit that is refundable within 3 weeks advanced notice of their cancellation. Postponements are also an alternative to the pandemic situation. We know you all have a perfected vision of what you want your wedding day to look like and would hate for you to have to compromise it. Therefore, give us at least 3 weeks advanced notice if your want to change your date and we will accommodate you with no fee or charges associated.

We know that the idea of next year seems promising for the pandemic being completely over so planning all the odds and ends should be available and we don't disagree. However, we believe it is best to be as transparent and safe as possible. We would want to guarantee your happiness and with no guarantee to what the next month, let alone the next year will look like, we do not want to lead you on or disappoint in the end. At this moment, we would much rather stay in contact and progress as we can together.


We are not only restricted on services but our menus as well. Because of this, comprehensive proposals are no longer available. Our menu creator has given lots of time and effort to re-create our menus to be adequate to the circumstances. As we operate with many new regulations, being able to fully customize menus is no longer possible. That being said, we will do our best to accommodate where we can.

Though, we want you to note that there may be things that we have had accessible in the past that is no longer available. Our menus have been adjusted to work with meals that can be individually packaged. Our buffets are no longer an option as they have been deemed high on the risk chart and are deemed unsafe by our state with regulations against them. This is why we have moved to meals being individually packaged. This way the buffet situation can be avoided on all accounts.


Right now, both are on halt. Our Director of Catering and Catering Coordinator are doing their best to social distance. In this effort, they are mainly available through our website contact form and email. They are taking on scheduled phone calls and video calls as requested.

There are still several different reforms and regulations our restaurants are having to implement for the safety of our guests and staff. Because of this, we are no longer scheduling our tastings. We hope to have this feature back soon and will make sure to announce as soon as possible.

In the end, we hope you understand that these limitations are not limitations we want but that are mandatory. We are a catering company that is here for our community. Your safety and health is important to us and is why we are taking this situation very serious. Updates will continue to come as we are able to adapt. We encourage you to look to our blog often for these updates as this is often where they can be found until we can get our socials re-launched.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!We look forward to continue our business in a safe manner. :)

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