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Can you believe it? Another year gone? Another DECADE gone? Yes, we know. It's crazy! I know we have already touched on how fast time seems to go recently. It fly's by. To save you another post about such phenomenon, we instead want to share with you what we have had the pleasure of being a part of this year as one of New Mexico's Premier - Award Winning Caterers!

Without further ado…here is what our year has consisted of:

Corporate Meetings/Events

Whether they were monthly meetings, an office treat, or an office event… were there! We understand that things get busy at the office and it isn’t always practical to ask your fellow coworkers to bring dishes for a potluck. There’s also no shame in wanting to show off a little for your boss coming in to town – a treat that is luxurious for the whole team too. Whatever the reason may have been we were able to show case our new-to-2019 artisan boxed lunches, Sadie’s favorites, and our chef’s skills with our custom menu options. Even our passed hor d’ourves, desserts, and holiday menus were requested!


Graduation from high school or college – it’s a moment to remember. After years of one’s hard work - blood, sweat and tears in some cases – finally paid off! Of course you want to celebrate! We found that the biggest trend at graduations this year was of course the famous, local, Sadie’s of New Mexico buffets. Enchiladas? Tamales? Spanish Rice and beans? Yes, please! What better way to celebrate this tremendous step in life than local favorite recipes. As a family owned business, not only is this option a popular choice but also a smart one. Sadie’s food is delicious and filling. Our big proportion sizes are surely going to feed all of our big families…and with a smile on everyone’s face.

Milestone Birthdays

Another day older isn’t always a bummer. In fact, lots of people love to celebrate them. Heavy appetizers and desserts paired with Sadie’s famous recipes were huge for these events! A little of both worlds can never hurt – especially when you have your birthday as an excuse, right? Whether your turning 40, 50, or 60 (we would love to a part of your child’s first few birthdays too these just tend to be the most popular) we have loved celebrating with you!

Baby showers

This year, one of the Sadie’s family members celebrated a new life joining the family and we had the pleasure of hosting it. Luxury baby showers? No problem! Fully equipped with mini cheesecakes, macaroons, our famous red pepper cream salmon, and of course Sadie’s favorites – there was no end to what we could do moving forward. We LOVED this idea. Why start stressing as a new mom to be about the food and decorations when we can help you with it all? Our delicious food wasn’t the only feature of this party but our decorating skills too! Yupp. That’s right. We can add a little décor to your event too. Let us know ahead of time your vision and we will come with items we have to fit our buffets to your theme!

Bridal Showers

Because there are a few key exciting, fun, and memorable moments that happen before the wedding day. Some bride's go out to celebrate and others stay in. And, I mean, who doesn't want to be pampered for their bridal shower? For this event we provided food, lots of desserts and some adorable decor to celebrate her engagement! For this type of event we are happy to deliver, set up, or serve you! Appetizers and desserts are perfect for a girls-night-in celebration.


Of course we have done plenty of these this year and to be honest...*whispers* they're kind of our favorite. To be a part of such a monumental day never ceases to put a smile on our face. As people start to realize that we not only provide traditional Sadie's items but are also capable of serving decadent custom meals with our very own New Mexican spin - we've been able to attend more to our enjoyment. We've also been able to connect with more vendors and create personal bonds with some of our brides. Quite often you hear of the importance of a wedding photographer and couple's connection is but it is quite true of several different vendors for a wedding. Knowing your caterer better allows us to have a clear understanding of your vision!

*Photos courtesy of Alicia Lucia Photography


Pre-wedding celebrations, wedding celebrations....what about the anniversaries? I personally had the pleasure of attending a couple's 60th wedding anniversary this year and it was incredible! The celebration of a couple's dedication and love upon the span of years is truly inspiring. In fact, quite often these events feel like a wedding in itself. Family gathers, stories are shared and love shines through from each guest.

Collaborative Promotions

Remember I mentioned the opportunity to meet and create bonds with other vendors thanks to our involvement in weddings? Wow did we get to meet some incredibly talented people this year! And you know, meeting them and being able to create an environment in which we can each support the artistic ability - no matter their genre of work is incredibly encouraging. We are excited to walk into a new decade with the people and work we have!

Holiday Events

The holidays are bound to bring tradition. Whether that means a specific house, certain people, or certain meals cooked by family from recipes handed down throughout the years - we all have our traditions. Now, one thing we have tried to knock out is that you aren't canceling tradition by getting an event catered. While we can provide an entire meal (some people are sick/injured and can't do what they once could) we can also provide sides, desserts, or appetizers. These things catered help you enjoy more moments than stress during them. We of course do office holiday catering too this time of year.

What a full year right!? We enjoyed each and every opportunity to be a part of the communities important events! We hope you enjoyed them too. :) If you feel like sharing some accomplishments of your year, let us know! We would love to hear about them.

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