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Sin Maíz, No Hay Paíz

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

"Without corn, there is no country" is a Mexican saying that is easily adopted by New Mexicans, and something Sadie's of New Mexico takes to heart when making masa for their handmade tamales, frying fresh tostadas by the hour, or offering up blue corn enchiladas.

Blue Plate Catering takes pride in bringing the famous, authentic, local cuisine from Sadie's of New Mexico right to your doorstep. Diners who have been to Sadie's know that it is the smell of freshly fried corn tostadas served with Sadie's award-winning salsa that gets them in the door, but it is the friendly, family atmosphere that keeps them coming back for more.

It is hard to resist the spicy and crispy combination of salsa and warm tortillas, but what Sadie's customers might not know is that while tostadas are being crisped up in the fryers, tamales are being hand made from scratch to serve in the restaurant and to deliver all over town by Blue Plate's catering staff.

Nixtamalization is what creates the indescribable and addictive flavor and aroma of corn which keeps us craving chips, tortillas and tamales.

Each tamale is expertly hand formed and rolled in corn husks once masa is prepared in large batches. Masa is made from maíz - maíz is a hard, "flint" corn that is dried after harvesting and ground into flour or harina. The dried corn is also treated with an alkali, like ash or slaked limestone - this is called nixtamalization - which creates a soft texture. Nixtamalazation is what creates the indescribable and addictive flavor and aroma of corn and keeps us craving chips, tortillas and tamales.

Once the masa is ready, Sadie's adds its secret ingredients to flavor the tamales, fills them with slow-cooked pork and its award-winning chili, expertly wraps them into packages and steams them until they are cooked to perfection.

Enjoy Sadie's Tamales at Your Next Special Event

Now that your mouth is watering, remember Blue Plate Catering can bring Sadie's tamales AND it's famous tostadas and salsa to your next special event or corporate meeting. (#sadiesofnewmexico #blueplatecatering #albuquerquecaterers)

Call us and we will gladly walk you through our catering process or you can order online here.

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