About Us

Blue Plate Catering has been a locally owned business for over 10 years, and in 2015 we merged with Sadie's of New Mexico to bring the greater Albuquerque area an authentic New Mexican culinary, catering experience. Combined with Blue Plate's popular staples, diverse menus, and custom dishes, Sadie's adds it's famous salsa and chili, it's secret family recipes, and warm service to the wide array of buffet and banquet options. 

Using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, Blue Plate is re-imagining it's future with new dishes and flavors while standing by our clients' favorites. Our Head Chef brings 35 years of expertise and a diverse wealth of culinary knowledge to each dish - old and new. With a menu developer and former private chef on staff, our culinary team at Blue Plate is proud to be ushering in a new and exciting look with bold and unforgettable flavors.

Blue Plate and Sadie's also offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options so that everyone can enjoy your special occasion. No one is left out of having an amazing experience with Blue Plate.

We Care About Our Community

In an effort to join the call preserve our planet, Blue Plate has also committed to a go-green philosophy in order to do business responsibly by offering eco-friendly disposable plates, utensils and packaging, as well as supplying recycling options at your events. We even send our vegetable and fruit scraps to a local chicken coup to reduce our waste. 

Blue Plate and Sadie's also have a long history of serving local charities and churches, schools and groups that give back to our beloved community. As a family owned business rooted in New Mexico, we believe that family is the key ingredient to all our recipes.

Service is Everything

From the moment you contact us, Blue Plate goes above and beyond to determine your needs and walk you through the catering process. Whether you have catered many events in the past or are a first time host, our skilled event specialists will work with you until your event is perfect. 

Our team of servers, delivery drivers and set-up staff go above and beyond to execute your requests and make sure that each guest is taken care of. We work hard to treat each and every client with the same care and professionalism no matter how small or large your event. We value you!